You Can Fund the Beautiful Hemingwrite Cloud-Synced Typewriter

By Gerald Lynch on at

Hemingwrite, the company behind the gorgeous typewriter throwback that hooks up to cloud services like Evernote and Google Docs without offering the myriad distractions of unfettered web access, is now looking for crowd funding to get its product into the hands of wannabe Hemmingways, Hardys and Heaneys.

Aiming to nab $250,000 (around £160,000) from its Kickstarter campaign, it has a month-long battery and e-ink screen, making use of Cherry MX switches in its mechanical keyboard. Though Wi-Fi functionality is built in, its only purpose is to facilitate file uploads and syncs, meaning you can't go wandering down the dark alleys of the web when you should be working on a deadline.

Even if the Hemingwrite's Kickstarter campaign is a success however, it'll be a pricey item. While 25 "early bird" typewriters, priced at $349 (£223), have already sold out, the standard pledge price is $399 (£255). If you miss out on the Kickstarter promotion, any eventual retail price will rise to $499 (£319).

That's a lot of money for a devolved laptop, however pretty it is. But it's also part of the appeal -- the Hemingwrite is a philosophical commitment to uninterrupted writing, as much as it is a monetary one. For those that want to cut themselves off from Twitter alerts and Facebook chats, the extra expense for a distraction-free writing tool may be worth it. [Kickstarter]