You're Going to Spend Christmas Looking for a New House

By Gary Cutlack on at

It used to be holidays everyone spent Boxing Day idly browsing and dreaming about. Now it's house sales, with 1.3million people expected to pop their post code into a property site and see what sort of homes can be bought in their dream location equidistant between work and Waitrose on December 26.

According to property site Rightmove, 500,000 potential UK house-buyers logged on to browse its listings on Christmas Day last year, with this number rocketing to 1.3million on Boxing Day as a bored and housebound UK population turned its phones and laptops to house hunting.

The number of house viewers then continued to increase over the holiday period, reaching a maximum daily number of 2.2million on the first day back in the office when it should be literally all anyone talks about. [CNBC]

Image credit: UK street from Shutterstock