12-inch MacBook Air Display Leak Teases Super-Slim Single Port Possibilities

By Gerald Lynch on at

Here, allegedly, is your first good look at Apple's super-slim 12-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

Specifically, it's the display unit, complete with "polished" Apple logo, as is the trend with current iOS devices.

The shots, leaked to Chinese Apple blogĀ iFanR, show the 12-inch display sat on top of a larger 13-inch MacBook's keyboard. Though the lack of a translucent Apple logo suggests the leak could be a bit fishy, the edge-to-edge cover glass and black bezel (as opposed to the Air's silver bezel) would be in line with the Retina rumours we've been hearing.

What's not shown sadly is any sign of the rumoured laptop's ports -- a stickler, considering whispers have pointed towards it dropping all external ports aside from a USB 3.1 Type-C connection. Though it's unclear whether or not it's the port-housing chassis in the image below, even if it's the screen sat next to an iPad the display component certainly looks slim enough to suggest it's possible that the super-thin laptop has gone down the port-dropping route elsewhere:

Apple had been expected to launch the new Macbooks by this coming Spring, but with the relative lack of leaks coming through, that's now looking unlikely. [iFanR via Apple Insider]