A Leatherman Bracelet Puts 25 Tools on Your Wrist 

By Mario Aguilar on at

Multitools are fabulously useful, unless you do not have yours handy when you need it. It doesn't matter how many gadgets you cram into an all-in-one, if it is being a really efficient use of space on your nightstand. Frustrating. A wearable multitool you never take off, though, yeah, that sounds promising.

Leatherman's forthcoming Tread looks exactly like a stainless steel watchband. Each of the links has two or three tools built-in for a total of 25 "features." Leatherman doesn't list them all off, but you can see a set of hex wrenches, screwdrivers, a can opener, and a few other pokey shapes that must have some utility, but I can tell for sure what they are.

A Leatherman Bracelet Puts 25 Tools On Your Wrist 

The Tread looks just like a watchband, and eventually it will become one, when Leatherman starts selling it with a swiss-made timepiece in the fall. The basic bracelet is due this summer. No word on how much Leatherman wants for either.

A Leatherman Bracelet Puts 25 Tools On Your Wrist 

The design is weird and clever at the same time. Will tools this tiny will actually be useful? It's not clear to me how much mechanical advantage you'll actually get out of the hex wrench, for example. There's also a problem I will definitely have of disassembling the bracelet to work on something quickly, and then loosing one of the links like an idiot. Or maybe Leatherman has built in a few other tricks to deal with these problems. Either way, the concept is a sound one: Have the tools when you need them. [Leatherman via Uncrate]