Apple Fast Tracked a "Je Suis CHARLIE!" App

By Gerald Lynch on at

Apple's app submission process is notoriously difficult -- apps are denied access to the App Store, censored for ridiculous reasons, or are left to languish in approval application hell sometimes for indefinite periods. Which makes the "Je Suis CHARLIE!" app all the more remarkable -- it was approved in just ten minutes.

Built in response to the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris last week, it allows users to mark on a map where they are, uniting those trying to make a show of solidarity against the actions of the extremist attackers.

Developers Nice-Matin wanted the app to be ready to download in time for a huge rally being held in Paris and, with little time to spare, decided to contact Apple CEO Tim Cook directly in order to speed up the process. Within ten minutes, there was a response from Cooks team. The app was approved within an hour and on the store within two days, far quicker than the usual 10-day wait for approval.

The app has proved massively popular -- at the time of writing, 113,755 people have checked in to show their support, with Paris buried under thousands of check-in flags. []