Apple Patents a Phone That Bends (You Know, Like the iPhone 6 Plus)

By Gerald Lynch on at

Was the iPhone 6 Plus's "bendgate" saga just a dry run for a future Apple mobile? Probably not, but a newly-uncovered Apple patent suggests at least that the Cupertino firm isn't adverse to the idea of a flexible phone.

Filed in September 2011 and spotted by Apple Insider, it describes a device that could (G) flex without causing any issues with the electronics inside. In addition, the phone's malleability would allow it to compress slightly upon impact from a drop, minimising the damage caused from a drop. Alongside its cat-like drop-and-land patent, it seems Apple's looking to put case makers out of business.

Whether you buy into the need for curvy phones like the LG G Flex 2 or Galaxy Round or not, Apple's patent does have one idea that could be useful regardless -- pressure sensitive casing. Giving the described phone a squeeze could trigger its sleep and power functions -- with the iPhone 6 Plus's size making it quite a stretch to reach it's top button (and phone's showing no sign of getting any smaller) that could quickly become a very handy gesture. [Apple Insider]