Artist Creates Stop-Motion Short Film Using Over 1,000 Light Paintings

By Darren Orf on at

Light painting is the process of using light and long exposure photography to create almost electric-looking works of art. This bit of light trickery has been used by artists and hobbyists to create stunning visual works. But Darren Pearson, also known as Darius Twin, instead created Lightspeed: a stop-motion short film made up of 1,139 separate light paintings.

Lightspeed, released earlier this week, is actually the second film Pearson has created using a mixture of stop motion mixed with long exposure landscape shots. His 2013 "Light Goes On", project which used 720 light-painted frames, has a similar vibe, and what I can only assume, required masses of patience to withstand the long-windedness of stop motion.

Darren Pearson says on his website that Lightspeed was a culmination of one year's work, which is actually really impressive when you consider what it takes to just make one light painting. I'm greedy though: I want a full film completely created using this light magic. That would only be...68,340 paintings for a two-hour film. Easy? [YouTube via PetaPixel]