Atari Fit Trades Pong for Press-ups

By Gary Cutlack on at

Atari Fit is what the game publisher describes as a "Gamification Fitness App" -- one that rewards players for jumping about a bit by unlocking classic games from its back catalogue of arcade hits.

Install the thing and you're able to specify workouts and goals, with around 150 workouts and routines onboard to inspire you to do the exercise stuff that scientists say can stop you being fat and dead. Games like Pong and Super Breakout are unlocked once you hit certain goals.


It's compatible with Fitbit, RunKeeper and several other popular activity trackers, so ought to be able to tell, on some basic level at least, if you've really done all the bending, lifting etc. that it demands. Atari Fit launches some time in early 2015. [Atari Fit]

Top Image Credit: Young man in the gym at Shutterstock/Wikipedia (edited)