Bill Gates Enjoys a Lovely Glass of Recycled Human Waste

By Gary Cutlack on at

Here's Bill Gates getting excited about a thing called a Janicki Omniprocessor -- a clever miniature processing station that turns sewage into water, electricity and harmless ash to use as a fertiliser. We'll drink (Coke from a can) to that.

The sewer sludge is first boiled to condense out the water from the everything else, with the remaining dry solids fed into a fire. The heat from this fire is used to make steam to run a turbine and generate electricity, producing enough power to run itself and feed a surplus back out to the local grid.

And the water's so pure it's even safe enough for a billionaire to enjoy:

But if your boys release something as bad as Windows 8 again, Bill, you're drinking it straight from the toilet bowl next time. [YouTube]