Budweiser is Building a Life-Size Pacman Arena for the Super Bowl

By Chris Mills on at

Every year, US TV shows off a series of adverts interspersed with occasional shots of people running into each other. But for this year's Super Bowl advert, Budweiser has upped the ante: it's built a life-size Pac-Man game.

As I4U have noticed, a few photos of the maze have been surfacing on Twitter and Facebook. It's definitely a Pac-Man game, complete with light-up walls, jellies, and apparently, one poor victim actor trying to escape, presumably thanks to the jelly-melting magic of Bud Lite or something.

Budweiser Is Building A Life-Size Pacman Arena For The Super Bowl

Although, on the one hand, this is an ad (an ad for lite beer, at that) and I should feel only visceral hate and rage towards it, there's something deeply childhood-fulfilling about a lifesize Pac-Man arena. Hopefully, they'll leave it up and invite the public in at some point. I have some high scores to defend. [I4U]

Image credit: LA Fashion District/Facebook