Can Apple Make Gesture Input Not Suck?

By Gary Cutlack on at

An Apple patent for a motion control system has been uncovered, showing that it's looking at new ways to use our arms and hands to control computers without the usual mouse and keyboard -- despite that fact that previous attempts at this have universally sucked and been less intuitive than the humble mouse.

The patent itself says it's for a "non-tactile three dimensional (3D) user interface," with the amazing supporting diagrams showing a man making various finger and possibly rude hand gestures to zoom and navigate himself around a desktop computer interface. It's a software layer that sits atop a motion and depth-sensing unit, letting the user wave at it to unlock it and enjoy its cumbersome methods.

Ask yourself how this would be easier than using a mouse with a scroll wheel to waste another day on Reddit:


Minority Report has a lot to answer for. The future is a mouse with perhaps a heated top to stop your primary control hand from getting too cold in the winter months, not this sort of pointing at the sky nonsense. [Apple Insider]