CES 2015: The Best of the Show So Far

By Gizmodo UK on at

CES – the Consumer Electronics Show – 2015 is back for another year, and the tech-world's great and good are descending on Las Vegas to see what gadgets and tech that this year, and beyond, has in store.

The usual array of super-sharp (and expensive) TVs are present, along with the usual tablets, laptops, smartphones, cameras, oh, and Bluetooth-connected toothbrushes... Here's an ever-updating list of what you need to look at.


- LG G Flex 2 Hands On: Back, Bent, Better Read more >
- Vivo Air Hands On: A Crazy Thin, Crazy Light, Crazy Cheap Smartphone Read more >


- This Curvy Flash Drive Hides Behind Your iPhone So it's Less Intrusive Read more >
- Asus Makes Transforming Windows Tablets Way Less Chunky Read more >
- Hands-On With a £4,000 Android Phone: An Overpriced Pile of Mediocrity Read more >


- DJI Inspire 1 Mount Puts an Incredible 4K Drone Camera in Your Hand Read more >
- The World's First Cameraphone That Can Actually Zoom (Say Cheese) Read more >
- Nikon D5550: Nikon Finally Has a Touchscreen DSLR, but is it Too Late? Read more >
- Sony's Action Cam Update Bites at GoPro's Heels With 4K Recording Read more >
- Can 4K Make Camcorders Worth Buying Again? Read more >
- YouTube Will Soon Support 360-Degree Video Uploads Read more >
- Canon Connect Station Lets You Easily View Photos on Your TV Read more >


- Misfit and Swarovski Have Created the First Solar-Powered Wearable Read more >
- Withings Activité Pop Fitness Tracker: Looks Nice, Right Price Read more >
- Alcatel Watch Hands On: A Beginner's Wearable or The Poor Man's Moto 360? Read more >
- Garmin's Vivofit 2 Fitness Band Shames Your Laziness With Audible Alerts Read more >
- The Mio ALPHA 2 Heart Rate Watch Adds an Accelerometer and a Backlight Read more >
- A Self-Adjusting Smart Belt: Yes, it's Come to This Read more >
- Can Lenovo’s E-Ink Smartband Out-Pebble the Pebble? Read more >
- Sony Smart B-Trainer: A Walkman That Tracks Your Every Move Read more >
- Razer's Hard-to-Find Nabu Fitness Band Now Comes in a Cheaper £33 Model Read more >
- Intel's Curie Module Will Turn Everything You Wear Into a Smart Device Read more >
- LG's New Smartwatch is Powered by WebOS Read more >

Audio and Headphones

- UE Megaboom: The Best Bluetooth Speaker, Supersized Read more >
- Parrot Zik Sport: Maybe the Smartest Athletic Headphones Yet Read more >
- Avegant Glyph VR Ready to Beam Batman into Your Eyes Read more >
- Philips' Expanding Bluetooth Speaker Promises Big Bass From a Small Package Read more >
- Sony Walkman Reborn (Again) as a Pricey Hi-Res Audio Handset Read more >
- These ARE the Star Wars Headphones You're Looking For Read more >
- Sennheiser's Momentum Headphones are Now Wireless, Noise Cancelling Read more >
- Harman's New Headphones Listen to Your Ears Read more >
- Onkyo Set to Make Iron Maiden Heavy Metal Headphones Read more >
- Philips Now Has Noise-Cancelling Cans That Plug Straight Into a Lightning Port, Too Read more >


- LG's Seven Beautiful New 4K OLED TVs Include a 77-Inch Flexible Display Read more >
- Sharp's 80-Inch Beyond 4K Ultra HD TV is Overstuffed With Pixels Read more >
- Panasonic's New UHD TVs Are as Colour Accurate as Professional Video Monitors Read more >
- Samsung's Made a 105-Inch Bendy UHD TV Because Why Wouldn't It Read more >
- Sharp's Super Slim 4K TV is Like Whoa Skinny Read more >
- Sony's New UHD TVs Will Run on Android TV Read more >
- Panasonic's 4K Blu-ray Player Could Make Discs Matter Again Read more >
- Samsung's 110-Inch 8K Glassesless 3DTV is Beautiful and Awful Read more >
- LG's Ludicrous 8K TV is Too Insane for My Eyes to Handle Read more >


- Seagate's Seven is the World's Thinnest External Drive Read more >
- Tegra X1: Nvidia's Best Desktop Graphics Are Coming To Mobile Read more >
- Acer's Chromebook 15 is Honkin' Huge Read more >
- LaCie Wrapped This 1TB External Drive in Mirror-Finish Gorilla Glass Read more >
- Acer Chromebook 15 Hands On: Super-Solid Big-Screen Browsing on the Cheap Read more >
- I Used My Finger as a Mouse... And it Made Me Miss My Mouse Read more >
- Intel Broadwell: The Badass Brains That Will Power Your Next PC Read more >
- HP Stream Mini: A Cute, Cheap Windows Desktop Read more >
- The Thinkpad X1 Carbon is Getting its Buttons Back Read more >
- Lenovo LaVie Z: A Laptop So Light I Can Hardly Believe it’s Real Read more >
- The Burliest Convertible Laptop is Going Big Read more >
- The Think Stack is a Modular Monolith That Can Declutter Your Desk Read more >
- The Magical USB Port on the iStick Pro Drive Transforms Into microUSB Read more >
- Dell's New XPS 13 Sounds Like the Laptop of My Dreams Read more >
- Dell's New XPS 13 Hands On: A Sleek, Slick, Rock Solid Laptop Dreamboat Read more >

Virtual Reality

- HP's VR Workstation is Like a Holodeck for Your Desk Read more >
- Razer Has its Own Virtual Reality Headset Read more >
- Oculus Brings 3D Audio to Virtual Reality, and it Sounds Great Read more >
- I Fought a Dragon in a Head-Mounted Holodeck Read more >
- This "Oculus Killer" Looks Like a Gigantic Tron Nightmare Shoebox Read more >


- Oh Hell Yes: A Phone With Glasses-Free 3D and Joysticks Built-In Read more >
- This Gaming Laptop With a Mechanical Keyboard is So Gleefully Insane Read more >
- 3DRudder Controls Games With Feet if Hands Aren't Your Thing? Read more >
- Razer's Master Plan To Win Living Room Gamers Starts With Android TV Read more >


- Parrot's New In-Dash System Lets Your Car Love Android and Apple Alike Read more >
- 2016 Chevy Volt First Look: Less Concept, More Saloon Read more >
- Toyota Made Over 5,600 of its Fuel Cell Patents Available Royalty-Free Read more >
- BMW's New Key Fob is a Touchscreen Device in its Own Right Read more >
- The New Mercedes Self-Driving Car Concept is Packed Full of Future Read more >

Everything Else

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- The Best Bike Pedal is One That Catches Thieves Read more >
- Whirlpool's Nest-Connected Washer and Dryer Run When Energy is Cheaper Read more >
- Nest Can Now Talk To Your Lights, Locks, and More Read more >
- Up Close with Ring: Maybe Smart, Definitely Gigantic Read more >
- Nylon LED Coat Has Indicators for Cyclists Read more >
- These Crazy Powered Skates Accelerate Your Steps as You Walk Read more >
- Parrot's New Gadgets Take Care of Your Plants Automatically Read more >
- Qualcomm Will Help Any Company Build Smart Light Bulbs Read more >
- LG's New Twin Wash System Has a Cute Little Mini Washer Built In Read more >
- D-Link's New Wi-Fi Routers Look Like Reverse-Engineered Alien Technology Read more >
- Unlock Your Front Door From Anywhere on Earth With Kwikset's Kevo Plus Read more >
- The Giant Brush on Samsung's New Robovac Cuts a Wide Swath Through Dirt Read more >
- This Samsung Washer Has its Own Built-in Sink for Pre-Treating Stains Read more >
- Because You've Always Wanted a Selfie Flash for Your Phone Read more >
- The World's First Inflatable Torch Never Needs New Batteries Read more >
- Sony's Kaz Hirai on Hack: It's About Freedom Of Speech Read more >
- Qualcomm Says Wearables Aren't a Fad, and it Might Just be Right Read more >
- Livescribe 3 Smartpen is Getting Support for Android Note Jotters Read more >
- Samsung: Our Smart Home Won't Be a Walled Garden Read more >
- Sketchers Gamifies Shoes for Kids With Simon Clone Read more >
- The Long Tentacle on This Wireless Sensor Alerts You to Water Leaks Read more >
- MatchStick Hands-On: A Cheap Open Source Chromecast? Yes Please Read more >
- Schlage's Bluetooth Lock Turns Your Smartphone Into Your Front Door Key Read more >
- Look Out HDMI and DisplayPort, There's a New Cable in Town Read more >
- Intel is Just Daring Autonomous Drones to Rise Up and Kill Us All Read more >
- A Smart EpiPen Case Lets Family Know You're Having an Allergy Attack Read more >
- A Smart 9-Volt Battery Adds Phone Notifications to Any Smoke Detector Read more >
- The Clip-On Clockety Turns Your iPhone Into a Projection Alarm Clock Read more >