Check Out the Cojone On Dyson's New Cinetic Big Ball Upright Vac

By Gerald Lynch on at

Dyson got rid of the bag, but it won't be getting rid of the balls. Its latest upright vacuum cleaner has at least one massive one, with Dyson promising its new Cinetic Big Ball will "never lose suction".

Sometimes, the jokes just write themselves.

Schoolboy snickers aside, the Cinetic Big Ball has as all the signature cleaning tech you'd expect of a Dyson, creating smaller "cyclones" of suction that generate higher centrifugal forces, capturing smaller dust particles. Filter maintenance has been rendered "obsolete" according to James Dyson thanks to vibrating tips at the ends of the cyclones, preventing dust from clogging the aperture.

The "Big Ball" of the name however is likely the component that you'll appreciate most, day-to-day. Giving the vacuum cleaner a lower centre of gravity than other vacuum cleaners, the oversized pivot point means it should take far less effort to push the Cinetic Big Ball around your home, with an active plate on the cleaner head allowing it to adjust automatically to different surface types.

Available now, the Cinetic Big Ball is available direct from Dyson for £459.99. [Dyson]