Devon Farmer Exterminates Aggressive "Nazi Cows"

By Gary Cutlack on at

A farmer who imported a few "Nazi cows" based upon a breed favoured by the regime has had to put most of his herd to slaughter, after the cattle were found to be too aggressive to handle.

The heck cattle, closely related to the auroch or wild European ox, bred quite successfully in the Devon fields, taking farmer Derek Gow up from an initial stock of 13 to more than 20.

But he's now turned most of them into meat cuts and has just six remaining, saying: "The ones we had to get rid of would just attack you any chance they could. They would try to kill anyone. Dealing with that was not a lot of fun at all. I have worked with a range of different animals from bison to deer and I have never come across anything like these. They are by far and away the most aggressive animals I have ever worked with."

The Nazis used Spanish bullfighting stock to engineer tough shapes and aggressive tendencies with a view to recreating the form of the wild ox, so it's no surprise they enjoy spearing sheep on their horns to create their own kebabs. [Guardian]

Image credit: Heck cattle from Shutterstock