Digital Policies Could Play a Key Role in the Next UK General Election

By Gerald Lynch on at

Taxation? Immigration? Unemployment? The traditional battlegrounds of the UK political scene may have to budge over during the next general election, as more and more people cite a party's digital policies as a key factor in earning their vote.

That's according to a poll by technology firm Fujitsu, which asked UK consumers their views on the digital culture of the nation in the run up to the next general election. It showed that one in five of those polled would vote for a party that focussed on digital policies, with a fifth also more comfortable using digital services (e.g. banking or bill paying) as opposed to paper based or face-to-face methods.

Though we may be "speeding towards a digital-first Britain" according to Fujitsu UK and Ireland Chief Executive Michael Keegan, the poll also revealed that 12 per cent of those quizzed didn't use digital services at all.

The results come in following controversial plans laid out by David Cameron this week, who stated that (if re-elected) he intends to ban encrypted messaging apps unless government surveillance agencies are given backdoor access to the data sent through them. He also announced plans to revive the much-loathed "Snooper's Charter", which would give government departments comprehensive access to a person's internet usage. [Yahoo]

Image Credit: Warwickshire Conservatives