Don't Bin Your Compact Camera if Possible HTC One M9 Camera Shots are Real

By Gerald Lynch on at

Though it initially heralded its UltraPixel technology as the second coming of mobile photography, there's plenty of evidence to suggest that HTC may be looking to relegate the light-sucking sensor system for its upcoming One M9 flagship phone. That may not have been such a good idea, if these leaked shots are legitimate.

Phandroid spotted that HTC employee Jerry Wang had been posting images to his Flickr account from unusual devices, with the model numbers HTC 0PJA10 and HTC 0PJA13. While these have yet to be associated with the One M9, the resolution of the shots lines up with the standard 20MP rear camera rumours we've been hearing (cropped to a 16:9 ratio, the 3024 x 5376 could theoretically come from a 20MP snapper).

However, they're hardly inspiring. Washed out and lacking in detail, they're either hastily taken or struggling to find an attractive focus point

Of course, there are plenty of variables that could result in lacklustre shots -- we've no idea of the source subjects for the photos, the settings used on the phone, whether the image processing software is finalised or even if the photographer was simply taking shoddy shots for some mysterious reason. But either way it's set alarm bells ringing regarding the rumoured decision to drop the UltraPixel camera sensor. Check out the images below (hit the source to see the original full size shots) and let us know what you think. [Phandroid]