Edward Snowden Should Talk About Cyberwar More Often

By Adam Clark Estes on at

We're all fairly used to hearing Edward Snowden talk about NSA and GCHQ surveillance by now. We get it: the US and UK governments are ever-watching and there's basically nothing we can do about it. But US telly station PBS just published the transcript of an interview with Snowden that doesn't really talk about surveillance much at all. Instead, it's all about cyberwar – and it's fascinating.

In the midst of comprehending Snowden-as-celebrity-whistleblower, it's easy to forget that he's actually a very experienced cyber-security expert, too. This young man spent years on the frontlines of the US's silent but fierce battle to protect its internet infrastructure.

But as Snowden points out in his interview with James Bamford from PBS's tech show NOVA Next, agencies like the NSA actually devote more resources towards launching cyber attacks. In other words, the folks that should be focused on defending our nations in an imminent cyberwar are too busy focusing on the offence.

Though the interview was filmed last June, PBS just released the unedited transcript and a brief video. The transcript is very long but full of goodies, if you're curious about how cyber-security actually works at a national defence level. After the Sony hack, we all know that it's a glaringly important topic, but Snowden actually does a great job of breaking the nuances of cyberwar down into some easily digestible nuggets.

We don't get to hear Edward Snowden talk about aspects of cyber-security beyond being a spy – he should do it more often. [PBS]