Enjoy the Final Battle of Return of the Jedi Without the Ewoks

By Jesus Diaz on at

My favourite part of Return of the Jedi was the final Death Star battle, a perfect choreography of models filmed with computer-controlled cameras. It was truly amazing—except for the Ewok clowns interrupting the flow with their unrealistic fight.* So I always wanted to see this: The entire battle in high definition.

* How can a bunch of tiny bears with no weapons beat a division of fully armed Imperial stormtroopers? Originally, the plan for the Endor part was to make a Vietnam-style battle in Kashyyyk, the planet of the Wookies (like Chewbacca) that were enslaved to build the Death Star. Imagine that: Crazy 7-foot-tall Wookies fighting to death with Imperial troops, guerrilla style. It wouldn't have sold a lot of toys, but it would have been glorious.