Free Support For Windows 7 Ends Today

By Gerald Lynch on at

Still rocking a Windows 7 PC? Then make sure you bolster its defences -- today marks the end of free support for the operating system from Microsoft. Should you have any issues with the Redmond company's OS from today, you'll have to pay to get help from its expert teams.

Windows 7 launched back in 2009, and has since been superseded by Windows 8 which launched in October 2012. Windows 7 support is being dialled back as Microsoft prepares to launch an all-new operating system, Windows 10, expected to hit shelves in the middle of the year.

Though Microsoft will be putting Windows 7 out to pasture completely, eventually, it'll still be checking in to see how Windows 7 is getting on from time to time -- the company has set Windows 7's "extended support date" as January 2020, meaning it'll issue critical fixes and patches for another five years. Good news, considering roughly half the world's PC-using population is still on Windows 7 machines.