Fresh Report Suggests That Windows 10 Will be Free to Windows 8.1 Users

By Gerald Lynch on at

Windows 8 has been a troublesome product for Microsoft -- though the Windows 8.1 update finally made the operating system approachable for all, Windows 8 alienated many of Windows' most stalwart users upon its initial release. With Windows 10 looking instantly like a more smooth and promising product from the off, it appears Microsoft will be looking to coax lost sheep back to its flock by offering the new release up for free to Windows 8.1 users.

It's not the first time we've heard such rumours, with source Softpedia citing "people close to the matter" this time. It's also adding that Windows 7 users will get the upgrade for a nominal cost too.

Everyone else however may find the upgrade process a little more challenging -- according to the report, anyone running Windows Vista or below will have to do a full clean install of the new operating system, losing saved setting and applications. And, of course, they'll have to pay full whack for the OS, too. It seems Microsoft's putting pressure on users clinging on to their old XP machines to part money for new wares with OEM partners. [Softpedia, TechRadar]