Fujitsu Having a Pop at a Smart Ring With "Air Writing" Recognition

By Gary Cutlack on at

Another lumpy thing is coming to make the human finger a little more modern, with hardware conglomerate Fujitsu claiming it's preparing a smart ring that'll let wearers write messages by drawing in the air.

Fujitsu's concept still looks rather enormous despite the maker claiming it weighs a little under 10 grams, but there's a lot of stuff inside it. It has NFC support for using it to perhaps unlock your other smart devices, plus the holy motion-sensing trinity of an accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetic sensor for digitally transcribing movements.

The main boast is that it's capable of interpreting "air-writing," with Fujitsu claiming its prototype can achieve 95 per cent accuracy when translating numbers. So you'd still be better off using a keyboard for your tax return, unless you're a really useless typist. [Fujitsu]