Google Suggests Using Another Browser to Escape Android WebView Hacks

By Gary Cutlack on at

The mini storm surrounding the ageing WebView browser that's the default web option for many Android phones has moved in a weird new direction, with an Android member suggesting those worried about their phones getting hacked give Chrome or some other Android browser a try instead.

The bug exists in phones using older versions of Google's code, ones that haven't had their services updated to the 4.4 release spec yet. Android security team member Adrian Ludwig took to his Google+ page to address this issue, simply advising avoiding the old default browser, with: "...on Android, Chrome or Firefox are both great options since they are securely updated through Google Play often."

As well as that helpful gem, Ludwig also came out with this rather laughable sentence, which won't mean much to the hundreds of millions of non-power-nerd people using Android, suggesting: "When browsing on any platform, you should make sure to use a browser that provides its own content renderer and is regularly updated."

Queue mum and dad phoning to ask what default content renderer the first-gen Samsung Galaxy Ace they were tricked into upgrading to last month uses. [Guardian]