HTC Leak Suggests One M9 Will Come in Two Sizes

By Gerald Lynch on at

As HTC's confirmed MWC 2015 appearance draws closer, the leak count for the company's next flagship phone increases by the day.

Sorry. Did I say phone? I meant phones, plural.

At least, that's what we should expect of the HTC One M9 if reliable phone leaker Evan Blass's (AKA @EvLeaks) sources are to be believed. Coming out of gadget-rumour fuelling retirement, he tweeted a line-up of his previous HTC leaks, including one never-before-seen image:

It's the one on the right we're interested in -- I've blown it up a bit bigger for the top image. As you can see, it shows two HTC devices, one slightly larger than the other. While both see the front-facing camera shifting to the centre of the device (unlike the HTC One M8) and a thin strip for the front-facing BoomSound speakers, only the larger one appears to have a physical home button. It's likely that this also acts as a fingerprint scanner (hopefully performing better than the woeful one used in the HTC One Maxx). With multiple screen resolution rumours surrounding the HTC One M9, it's possible that the smaller device will be the one sporting a 1080p display, and the larger packing a qHD screen.

Legit or otherwise, if the phones do turn up looking like that, they'll have a very slick design indeed. HTC's expected to lift the covers off the phone on March 1st, but for now you can check up on all the previous leaks in our HTC One M9 rumour round up guide. [@EvLeaks]