Huawei Ready to Wade in to Android Wear With First Smartwatch

By Matt Hill on at

Huawei has revealed to us it will launch its first Android Wear smartwatch as part of a trio of wearables at March's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

During a visit to the Chinese tech firm’s Shenzhen campus, Gizmodo UK eyed some documents that showed its future road map of wearables, confirmed by PR director Ada Xu Xiangyu.

As well as an Android Wear watch, there will apparently be a new fitness wearable and an update to the catchily named TalkBand B1 (pictured top), with the company making further progress on its fitness platform and app to connect up all three.

"We need to invest in wearables," Shao Yang, chief marketing officer for devices, said, "and build the link between our products. We will begin our wearable launch at MWC.

"We're trying to do something different, not just similar at a different price. I feel there is much more potential in wearables."

Huawei will also be adding to its X and M series of tablets at MWC, although apparently no smartphones will be unsheathed at the show.