I Hope Miley Cyrus Made Entirely Out of Emojis is What I See When I Die

By Ashley Feinberg on at

Emojis have hijacked our words, our social networks, and the general literacy of the modern world's youth. So while it feels like I should hate rapper Yung Jake's absurdly skilled emoji-based portraits on principle alone — I can't. They are grotesque, they are obscene, and they are incredible.

The "internet anti-socialite's" artwork comes courtesy of, a site that allows you to create works of art using the various emojis of the world as your paintbrush. A talent for which Yung Jake appears to have a natural propensity.

You may be wondering as I was, is it really attributable to talent or skill when there's a program explicitly intended to facilitate these sorts of drawings? So for the sake of journalism, I set out to paint an emoji sun.

I Hope Miley Cyrus Made Entirely Out of Emojis Is What I See When I Die

Either Yung Jake is an emoji prodigy or I have a severe fine motor skill deficiency. Perhaps both.

Either way, Yung Jake has stumbled upon something that is equal parts beautiful and horrifying. We can't wait for the full art exhibit opening. [Digg]