Indiana Jones Reboot May Star Chris Pratt

By Gerald Lynch on at

It's been almost seven years since Harrison Ford, perhaps misguidedly, dusted off his fedora, jumped into a nuke-proof fridge and once again became Indiana Jones in the fourth movie in the antiquity-hunting series. The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, with its ageing Indy and weird extraterrestrial-filled plot upset long time fans, but that doesn't mean we won't be getting another whip-snapping sequel.

Or more precisely a reboot -- having picked up the rights to the franchise back in 2013, Disney is reportedly looking to swap out a withered Ford for a fresh-faced Chris "Star Lord" Pratt in the lead role. Having commanded the Guardians of the Galaxy and readying a trek around Jurassic Pa...WORLD, Pratt's now a red-hot property in Hollywood, and with the Star Wars franchise seemingly now well re-established, Disney's ready to get another money spinner firmed up.

As for the casting rumour, it's got the Giz team split right down the middle. Harrison Ford IS Indiana Jones, and seeing anyone else on his globe trotting adventures may be painful. But as far as the current crop of Hollywood's "loveable rogues" go, Chris Pratt is about as good as they get. He could certainly pull off the humour and action of the role but, after years watching him play Parks and Recreation's bumbling Andy, could we ever really picture him as a university professor too? Hmmm... [Deadline]