Indominus Rex is Jurassic World's New Made-Up Dinosaur King

By Gerald Lynch on at

Back in 1993, "We have a T-Rex" was all we needed to hear Richard Attenborough say in Jurassic Park to have us all on the edge of our seats. But in 2015, the King of the Lizards isn't enough to get bums on cinema seats -- the dinosaur star of sequel Jurassic World will be Indominus Rex, a lab-created beast that's ready to snack on visitors like they're Pepperami sticks.

Spotted hidden on the Jurassic World website by Screen Crush, Indominus Rex is described as being 40 foot long, with a roar louder than a jumbo jet taking off.

Sporting spines and boney plating over its eyes (much like the dinosaur Carnotaurus), it seems a mixture between a giant raptor, a T-Rex and JP3's Spinosaurus. There may even be a little shark in there, with the Indominus Rex capable of replacing missing teeth throughout its life.

With so many great, real dinosaurs from history yet to grace the silver screen, I'm still not convinced that Jurassic World needs to be messing about with made up creatures. Still, as my short exchange with Colin Trevorrow showed, the film's director is ready to make me eat my words. Regardless, Jurassic World is still one of our must-see movies for 2015, and this teaser has made me nothing if not more curious. [Screen Crush]