iPad Pro Mould Leak Puts the Business Tablet on Track for WWDC 2015 Debut

By Gerald Lynch on at

iPad Air 2? Check. iPad Mini 3? Disappointing, but check. iPad Pro? Notably absent from Apple's October 2014 launch event. While the Apple Watch was the event's long-rumoured "one more thing", the business-focussed tablet that Apple was supposedly working on didn't make an appearance.

But that doesn't mean it's dead! The rumours have refused to go away, and now a leaked photo from the factory floor in Apple's go-to Foxconn plant suggests that production is now underway. Posted to China's Weibo social network and simply titled "iPad Pro", it shows a metal mould on a forklift carrier that, given the scale and purported source, lines up well with what we've heard of the iPad Pro so far:

It's blurry and slight, but you can just about make out an indented Apple logo in the centre there. Scroll down for the full, crop-free shot, which shows off another mould lurking in the background.

Rumoured to measure 12.2 inches and aimed at business users (12.2 inches of spreadsheet heaven! Erm...) the leak suggests the tablet is almost ready to enter mass production. That could put the iPad Pro on track for a WWDC 2015 (June) launch -- seeing as WWDC is Apple's software and computing-focussed event traditionally (and with the iPad Pro potentially an alternative to the company's MacBook Air) that would be the ideal time for the iPad Pro to make its debut. Pinch of salt and all that, of course.[Weibo]