It's Three Minutes to the End of the World, Say Doomsday Police

By Gary Cutlack on at

Last time we were this close to extinction Cold War nukes were the threat. Now its eco collapse ticking humanity's death clock forward by one minute, as "unchecked climate change" and existing weapons arsenals make it more likely than ever that this will be planet cockroach some time in the future.

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Science and Security Board are the clock watchers, with the group of boffins releasing a letter to world leaders explaining their downgrade of humanity's life expectancy -- and urging them to do something about it.

The letter doesn't mess around, saying: "The science is clear: Insufficient action to slash worldwide emissions of greenhouse gases can produce global climatic catastrophe. Even a so-called 'limited' nuclear weapons exchange will produce massive casualties and severe effects on the global environment."

They end with a plan of action, demanding a cap on emissions, an end to modernising nuclear weapon stocks, more disarmament of nukes, a strategy for dealing with nuclear waste and the creation of staturoy bodies to monitor the possible "catastrophic misuses of new technologies." [The Bulletin]