Keep Your Drones Away from London Landmarks, Warn Police

By Gary Cutlack on at

Scotland Yard is warning people who got drones for Christmas to keep them away from popular tourist landmarks, thanks to law-breaking aerial footage of London hotspots popping up online.

The law says drones have to be kept 150 metres away from packed public spots and more than 50 metres away from buildings not owned by their pilots -- so firing one up over Tower Bridge for a laugh is quite the illegal activity regardless of how many YouTube hits you get as possible public interest mitigation.

Chief Inspector Nick Aldworth said: I compare them to cars. They are perfectly legal to own but it is very easy to break the laws when you are driving. Our concern is that in the New Year we will see a lot of these things being flown in London and there is a potential for people to wander into criminal territory. We also recognise that people will use these devices for criminal purposes and we want to send them a message too." [Standard]