LG G Flex 2 With Snapdragon 810 Snapped and Papped

By Gerald Lynch on at

Does anyone really need a curved phone? Sure, it may hug your arse a bit more comfortably in the back pocket of a tight pair of jeans (easily the worst place to keep your phone anyway), but our experience has found that a warped display brings with it problems other mobile devices don't suffer from.

That won't stop LG from having another crack at the curved phone though, with the company expected to launch the G Flex 2 follow up to last February's G Flex at next week's CES extravaganza. It's seemingly been confirmed by the above image leak from Korean website Never, also revealing that the handset will be powered by a 64-bit Snapdragon 810 processor. Seeing as Qualcomm has already teased that a new LG smartphone will make up part of its own CES offering, this all seems legitimate.

That nugget and the top image aside, Never reveals little else. Based on other rumours circulating we can make a good guess at the rest of the feature list though -- expect to see a slightly smaller 5.5 inch 1080p display this time around (compared to the 6-inch 720p first outing) and the return of both the genuinely-interesting self-healing shell and divisive screen shape. [Phone Arena, Never]