LG's New Smartwatch is Powered by WebOS

By Jamie Condliffe on at

LG's new smartwatch is powered by webOS, the operating system originally developed by Palm that was later purchased by LG. The watch has been shown off at CES by Audi, where it was used to beckon a car on to the stage, Android Central has confirmed.

A closer look, by both Android Central and Verge reveals a fairly rich experience beyond the presence of webOS. Verge points out that the watch is able to connect to cellular data networks, and correspondingly there are built-in dialler and messaging apps. There are also the expected music, calendar, email, and a health-orientated software, too.

And... it's nice, by all accounts. The Verge says that this is "webOS with a level of maturity and polish that betrays the fact LG has been working on the UI for quite a while. The animations are smooth and fast and the look is tailored to fit a round watch face." The overall message: this watch is a pleasure to use.

So far, there's little else to go on — and certainly no estimated availability date or price. With any luck, we won't have to wait too long. [Android Central]

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