Livescribe 3 Smartpen is Getting Support for Android Note Jotters

By Gerald Lynch on at

The note-and-audio syncing Livescribe pens have so far been the reserve of PC, Mac and iOS users -- if you wanted to scribble down a lecture or interview and have the words sync up with whatever you were dictating, you'd better hope you didn't have an Android phone in your pocket.

So it's about time the company sorted out Android compatibility for its nifty jotters. Livescribe has announced at CES that it will be offering an Android version of its Livescribe+ app for Livescribe 3 pens to selected Android devices. Your Google phone or tablet will require the KitKat OS and Bluetooth low-energy profiles to be in with a chance of having compatibility (and, going by the sometimes shaky nature of an iOS connection, that won't be much to bank on at the best of times). If you can get it to work with your Android phone however, it'll retain all the features iOS users currently enjoy, including the ability to turn handwritten notes into digital text. The new app will land in the Spring. [Livescribe]

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