London Tells Cars to Bugger Off by Turning Embankment into a Cycle Superhighway

By Gary Cutlack on at

One of the most popular sections of London's riverside real estate is getting a cyclist-friendly redesign, as the pressure to accommodate bikes will see segregated lanes added to the road that runs through Embankment.

The scheme that's been under consultation with Transport for London for ages will go ahead, linking Hyde Park with Tower Hill via a completely separate lane for bikes. Men with their feet mechanically attached to their pedals will be able to get to work quicker, and with more chance of arriving fully alive, than ever before.

It comes at a cost, though, as drivers will lose one precious lane of tarmac to cyclists, potentially making life a little more miserable for people who have to drive through the city and don't have the option of smashing around on a bike. The BBC has spoken to Cycling Commissioner Andrew Gilligan, who suggests there will be an average of six minutes added to journey times for drivers along the Limehouse to Hyde Park route.

As long as the UK's current love of cycling isn't about to fall out of fashion, that's great news for urban riders, while having to sit at traffic lights as bicycles whizz past on their own special, extra smooth bit of road, sends an even stronger message to drivers that they're not welcome in the centre of the city than the congestion charge.

All we need now is a network of fans to segregate and dissipate the fumes the legacy vehicles pump out. [BBC]