McDonald's UK to Offer Wireless Charging Alongside Big Macs and Happy Meals

By Gerald Lynch on at

You want some battery juice with those fries, sir? McDonald's wants you glued to its restaurant seats chowing down on its fast-food wares for all eternity, and if your post-Big Mac weight wont do the job, it's hoping that the offer of wireless charging stations will.

McDonalds will be installing 600 Aircharge Qi chargers into 50 of its UK outlets, following a limited trial. Despite its benefits, wireless charging still isn't exactly a ubiquitous technology -- while the LG G3 and Nexus 6 support it, most devices are stuck with a cabled connection. Thankfully, Aircharge will also be kitting the restaurants out with its wireless charging receivers too, giving those tethered to a microUSB or Lightning cable a chance to recharge too. [Wireless Power Consortium]

Image Credit: Ronald McDonald from Shutterstock