MI5 Wants Blue Peter Kids for its New "Spy School"

By Gerald Lynch on at

The name's Bond. James Bond. Jnr.

MI5 is teaming up with BBC children's programming stalwart Blue Peter to give eight children a chance to visit MI5 and earn a place at its "spy school". Presumably, they'll teach you how to make a makeshift exploding pen out of some old yoghurt pots, sticky-back plastic and PVA glue.

Called Project Petra (after the first Blue Peter pet), the eight eight-to-fourteen year olds, picked from written application submissions, will undertake a series of physical, observational and analytical challenges. Their skills will be judged by a panel including children's spy-tale author Anthony Horowitz, with three winners eventually going on to become "CBBC Intelligence Officers", offering them a rare glimpse inside the MI5 headquarters at Thames House on the banks of the capital's river.

Those that want to take part can download an application form here.

And, yeah, yeah, that top image: Bond is MI6, we know. But it beats a picture of John Noakes in a tux, right?

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