'Minority Report' TV Pilot Will Bring Swipey Displays to the Small Screen

By Gerald Lynch on at

Spielberg's been threatening to return to his Kinect/ murder-predicting science fiction film Minority Report for some time now, and it seems the project is finally getting underway. Fox has commissioned a pilot episode for a potential series set in the universe created by science fiction author Philip K. Dick, set ten years after the events of the 2002 Tom Cruise movie.

There's no time-frame yet for the show's release, nor stars associated with it (we expect the former Mr Nicole Kidman will be a bit too pricey for TV), but there are rumours circulating surrounding the show's loose plot. It'd follow a former "Precog" (those weird future-gazers that can predict crimes before they happen in the film), out of the system and attempting to adjust to normal life with the help of a detective that wants to harness the Precog's mental abilities. [Deadline]