One Direction Break the Hearts of Open Source Coders

By Gerald Lynch on at

One Direction oppose the creation and distribution of free, crowd-developed software. Or at least that's a stance that could be spuriously extrapolated by the timing of the boyband's latest UK tour.

Harry Styles, Zayn and...the other three (?) have announced that they will be playing Cardiff's Millenium Stadium on June 5th and 6th -- the same period that the 2015 DjangoCon open source coding conference was set to take place.

However, with 140,000 Directioners descending on Cardiff, the majority of local hotel rooms have been snapped up along with the gig tickets, throwing the entire conference into jeopardy. But thanks to the hard work of the organisers, the DjangoCon show will go on, Harry (cascading) Styles (sheets) or otherwise -- just two days earlier than planned.

"We’ve had a gruelling 48 hours while we dealt with this problem, but we’re not going to let it get in the way of a super DjangoCon," reads a message on the event's website.

"Although the crisis has been averted and there are plenty of rooms currently available in Cardiff, the pressure on accommodation as a result of the concert may affect the last day or two of the event, with rooms becoming unavailable or simply more expensive. So: If you are coming to DjangoCon Europe please book your accommodation as soon as you possibly can [...] Do not leave it till the last minute!" [DjangoCon]