Packet In! Belfast's Spoof Crisp Sandwich Café Is Somehow A Reality

By Matt Hill on at

Right, I'm just going to put it out there: I thought the cereal café was a great idea. As a fan of both cafés, milk, cereals and over-zealous nostalgia, and most definitely not a fan of paying £3 for watery coffee or a fiver for flat beer in east London, the media reaction against a couple of sole traders trying to make a living seemed completely OTT.

That said, what it did fuel was some rather funny piss-takes – including parody site The Ulster Fry's made-up crisp-sandwich café. "Veggies might like to try Pickled Onion Space Raiders in a Belfast Bap with a Wotsit side-salad for a mere £5.95." Ba-boom tish! Except, this made-up crisp-sandwich café appears to have become a real crisp-sandwich café as of yesterday.

And, because social media, it sold out within two hours. And now I'm seeking a transfer to Belfast.

As the Fry itself says:

Simply Crispy, the REAL one, is opening next week, in Belfast! A nice young man who owns a cafe in Belfast city centre loved the idea so much, he wanted to partner with us to convert his premises into Simply Crispy, and bring the idea to life. And so, The Ulster Fry, exactly 27 days after we launched our parody news website, have accidentally got involved with a cafe, selling crisps, inside bread. Which is a perfectly sensible sentence really.

And here's café owner Andrew McMenamin explaining himself – and flaunting his wares:

Which is, obviously, fantastic – if not just for saving on the funny looks when you ask for Walker's on white, but dispelling the myth that childish comfort food is somehow the preserve of Shoreditch. Here's a south-of-the-river ice-cream parlour fitted out in board games to add to the list…

But can someone who does live in Belfast please head down to 8 Bedford Street and check out the caff-formerly-known-as-That Wee Café to assure us that we're absolutely, definitely not trapped inside a spoof within a spoof, and Michael Caine's about to steal our kids. Thanks. [Ulster Fry]