Parks and Rec's Fake Future Facebook is Disconcertingly Plausible

By Eric Limer on at

Parks and Rec jumped a few years into the future for its last season, and that jump has mostly manifested in holographic tablets. Last night's episode, however, took on the more in-depth subject of data-mining pretty seriously, and with characteristically goofy wit. It's just a liiittle too realistic though.

Here, Leslie and Ben attempt to sneak into the Facebook Gryzzl offices only to be pitched to and immediately unmasked by a brotastic army of really enthusiastically creepy data miners. It's a look into an (alternate?) future where big brother's not only real, but also cloying and he just wants to be ya boy. God help us all; this is just a little too close for comfort.

But hey, if we get those Grzyll pads with skateboard mode, I think I'm into it.