Peckham Rail Track Garden Could be London's Answer to NYC's High Line

By Gerald Lynch on at

With Peckham's Bussey Building now magnetic north for London's hipster community, the borough's streets can get a bit crowded. Aside from Peckham Rye Park there's not a lot of green space in the area, and weekend warriors and local residents alike would benefit from a few more picnic spots.

Architect Nick Woodford is looking above ground for inspiration. He's proposing turning a disused stretch of overground rail into a leafy oasis above and between Queens Road Peckham and Peckham Rye railway stops. Adding some much needed foliage to the otherwise industrial-looking area, the so-called "Peckham Coal Line" would offer cycling and walking routes, if ever built. According to the design team:

The area between the tracks, once a coal drop, is now occupied by a scaffolding yard. Coal was supplied via the rail lines above and the line sidings still exist on the viaduct. This green finger, above the town centre, is now disused and overgrown. It is a quiet, natural oasis that negotiates its way through Peckham’s contemporary chaos and industrial heritage. The viaduct has views towards the city and is an overlooked link corridor between the neighbourhoods green spaces.

Sound familiar? It certainly brings to mind NYC's High Line garden, not to mention the controversial Thames Garden Bridge. However, compared to the river-spanning London garden, Woodford predicts the Peckham Coal Line would be far cheaper to create -- just £2 million compared to the £175 million Garden Bridge. [Peckham Coal Line]