Phones 4U's iPhone, iPad Air and iPad Mini Stock is About to be Sold Off Cheap

By Gerald Lynch on at

Granny give you a couple of quid in a card over Christmas? Is it burning a hole in your pocket? Have no qualms striping the carcass of a recently-defunct high street staple? Then head over to the Phones 4U liquidation auction, which is about to put the closed shop's Apple stock on sale at rock-bottom prices.

iPad Air tablets, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c handsets are available in a range of colours and sizes at the John Pye Auction. Online bids are accepted, with the auction closing tomorrow (Tuesday 6th January 2015). Those that can go down to the John Pye & Sons warehouse in Staffordshire between 10am and 2pm today can also check out the lots in person: there are over 600,000 items in total to be sold off, including Beats headphones, games consoles and Samsung Galaxy Note and Tab tablets.

Best of all, items are being sold off in individual lots rather than wholesale bulk sales, meaning you don't have to buy 20 phones in order to get one cheap. Bids are starting to rise, but trawl through the lots and you could end up knocking £50 to £100 off an iPad Air's RRP if you're lucky, for example. However, you'll have to organise your own collection or courier costs, so factor that into any eventual price. [John Pye Auctions]