Rumour: The Apple Watch Will Hit Wrists in March

By Gerald Lynch on at

Get your Casio's eulogy ready: the wait for Apple's smartwatch may be drawing to a close, with a new rumour stating that the Apple Watch will go on sale in March.

9to5Mac's Mark Gurman (who brought us the portless MacBook images) brings the claim, noting that Apple is preparing retail training sessions for its Genius staff to begin in February. A March launch would just about slip in to Apple's "early 2015" launch window promise for the connected timepiece -- though Gurnman stresses that his sources say that these are only the Cupertino company's current plans, and could be subject to change.

So, what's Apple been doing in the months since revealing the smartwatch and sending it off to stores? Apparently, work has been focussing on the Watch's reportedly dire battery life, as well as fine tuning the interface and inductive charging mechanism. With Apple expecting to shift 30 to 40 million of the things, it'll want to iron out all the kinks. [9to5Mac]