Samsung Buying BlackBerry? Nope.

By Gerald Lynch on at

BlackBerry may be getting desperate, but it's not that desperate. Despite rumours suggesting Samsung was attempting to buy BlackBerry for a cool £4.9 billion, both companies have now come out denying that any potential takeover talks have taken place.

BlackBerry was the first to pour cold water on the rumour, issuing a statement denying that any talks ""with respect to any possible offer to purchase" by Samsung ever took place. "Media reports of the acquisition are groundless," a Samsung spokeswoman later told Reuters.

You have to wonder if BlackBerry would have secretly been quite chuffed with the rumoured offer though -- £4.9 billion would value the company at roughly 38 per cent higher than what its stocks are currently worth. As for Samsung, purchasing BlackBerry would have increased its clout with the enterprise market -- thanks to their security features, BlackBerry phones are still holding out against Android for businesses, even as more companies turn to BYOD set-ups. Though Samsung has its Knox security features, bolstering them with BlackBerry's expertise could have seen it gain some brownie points with those that require high-security mobile devices.