Samsung’s New PCIe SSD Writes at 2.15GBps and Uses Barely Any Power

By Jamie Condliffe on at

This little chap might not look much, but within lurks a super-fast, super-efficient SSD. Samsung's latest PCIe flash drive can move data at up to 2.15GB per second—and only draws 2 milliwatts of power while in standby.

The 512GB drive has been designed so that all of its high-speed circuitry can be switched off while it rests, making it far more efficient than most comparable flash storage devices. In fact, it's a 97 percent reduction over previous standby states. Obviously the chip is targeted at ultrabooks, where its super-skinny form factor and high efficiency are very much welcome. Pleasingly, the new chip—SM951 to its buddies—is also around 50 per cent faster than its predecessor in read-write terms.

The drive is now in production and will appear in computers by the end of the year. [The Register]