Someone is Giving Away This Bike-Powered Star Destroyer on Craigslist

By Chris Mills on at

Are you a giant Star Wars fan? Do you have a 22-foot long empty space in your garage? Are you willing to travel to Portland in Oregon? Or a friend who lives close by? Then man oh man, Craigslist has the best present ever for you.

Up for grabs is this bike-powered Star Destroyer, exactly like the one Darth Vader rode around the galaxy. Just like Vader's ride, this is constructed from PVC piping, with weather (and space)-resistant coroplast coverings. Power comes from the four cyclists (not included).

Someone Is Giving Away This Bike-Powered Star Destroyer On Craigslist

Best of all, the owners are giving away this engineering masterpiece for free, since they don't have the space to store it any more (although the listing explicitly states that it splits into two sections for 'easier storage', so that can't be the real reason). All you'll need to pick it up is three (3) friends willing to put their heads inside a giant wooden neck-snapping machine, and some way to get it across the Atlantic in one piece. Happy Craigslisting. [Craigslist via Laughing Squid]