Spotify is Coming to PlayStation 4 and Will Soundtrack Your Games

By Gerald Lynch on at

Sony's just bagged itself another big name in the ongoing battle for the spot underneath your living room television, announcing that it's soon to bring the Spotify music streaming service to PlayStation consoles.

Spotify will launch in the Spring on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 through a new music portal called PlayStation Music. This will also be available on Xperia smartphones and tablets (suggesting Spotify will now come pre-installed on Sony's mobile gear) but there's no word on PS Vita support. It's also not yet clear whether the ad-funded free Spotify option will be available on the PlayStation machines -- Spotify on PlayStation will require a premium subscription to use, priced at £9.99 a month. Existing premium subscriptions will work just fine.

This will also mean the death of Sony's Music Unlimited service on March 29th, 2015. But it's unlikely few will care with Spotify as its very capable replacement.

41 countries will get the updated entertainment suite, including the UK.

“We are incredibly honoured to partner with Sony and PlayStation to give gamers around the world an amazing experience wherever they listen to music,” said Spotify's CEO Daniel Ek.

“As a gamer and PlayStation 4 user myself, I’m super excited to be able to soundtrack my FIFA 15 Arsenal matches later this spring.”

That last bit from Ek is the real kicker -- on PS4, Spotify can be left to run behind games, letting you select personalised background music for your Grand Theft Auto heists or FIFA tournaments.