Sun, Sea and Suspicious Sexting: Three's Feel at Home Roaming Extends to Spain

By Gerald Lynch on at

If you're a frequent flier, Three's Feel at Home roaming plan (letting you use your regular minutes, texts and data allowance in 16 international locations at no extra cost) could easily swing you to its network. Being able to holiday-brag on Facebook or call a worried mum without fear of a massive bill once you return home is a real boon.

But, for many British holiday-makers / stag-do organisers, it's been a slightly bittersweet offering -- Britain's favourite destination, Spain, has been notably absent from the Feel at Home list of supported locations, meaning that Club 18 to 30 members have been spending more money on Instagramming selfies than they have booze.

Noting that that clearly won't do, Three will be extending its Feel at Home service to Spain as of April, just in time for the start of the summer holiday season. And, if you prefer your trips sprinkled with hairy-footed little people and beardy wizards, Three's also adding New Zealand to the Feel at Home list too. [Three]