The Flush Toilet Finder App Has the Best/Worst iTunes Review You'll Ever Read

By Gerald Lynch on at

Your standard app review tends to be a pretty straightforward affair.

"Good app, helpful -- 5 Stars". 

"Too many in-app purchases -- 2 Stars". 

"Why the hell did da last upd8 break this app on my fone??! DEV SORT YOUR SHIT -- 1 Star". 

They've become so predictable, it's got to the point where I don't even bother to read any user-generated app reviews anymore.

But I'm glad I stopped to browse the three left for the 'Flush Toilet Finder' app on iTunes. Or at least one of them, anyway. Being caught short when you're out and about is a hellish situation to find yourself in, and it's obviously is a scenario that brings with it heated passions. Mehmehmehwewwe's review is full of praise for the genius Flush Toilet Finder. It might be the most intimate app review I've ever read, for better or worse. Actually, almost definitely "for worse": you can almost smell Mehmehmehwewwe's gratitude coming out of the screen...

Last nights phal... *****

by Mehmehmehwewwe

...was threatening to explode all over the streets of where I live. My bowels and lower intestine were screaming at me in agony. It was only a matter of time before razor blades coated in liquified hell fire would be exiting the system whether I wanted it to or not. I was in a town I wasn't familiar with and had no idea where to sit down and scream. The hedges were an option but passers by May not approve, this app saved both me and my dignity. My fiery hole and I thank the developer deeply.