The Nokia Name Lives On (in an £18 Burner Phone)

By Gerald Lynch on at

For a while there it seemed you'd never see the Nokia name grace a phone ever again, what with the Microsoft buyout that saw the Windows company slapping its own logo onto the back of Lumia devices. But the Finnish company's name lives on in the super-low-cost budget end of the market, with the Nokia 215 launched today.

Costing just $29 (£18), the handset is clearly aimed at emerging markets, with its candybar shape and modest specifications. Accessing the web through the Opera Mini browser (with Twitter and Facebook apps supported too), the Nokia 215 has a 2.4inch 160 x 120 screen and a 1,100mAh battery, good for 20 hours of talk time.

Bluetooth 3.0 is also built in, with a 0.3MP camera on the back and as much as 32GB of storage supported through SD cards. There's a built in torch too, useful for users in areas where the power grid can be a bit unreliable.

Coming in green, black or white colours, with single and dual-SIM options available, the Nokia 215 will launch in the first quarter of 2015 to select markets in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.